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Execute a Tech-Touch Kickoff That Delights

Establishing a reliable communication structure is crucial to a successful customer kickoff. Learn how to use a tech-touch communication approach for your customer kickoff.

Create Alignment with Your Customers

Your customers have goals and reasons why they chose your product or service. A tech-touch customer kickoff drives product adoption and builds customer loyalty. Be proactive about the customer experience and design a post-sale kickoff that empowers your customers to become loyal, active users and champions.

What Is a Tech-Touch Customer Kickoff?

The customer kickoff is not just about the sales team introducing the customer to the post-sales team—it’s about driving initial customer adoption. You want to identify key areas where you can deliver value quickly to build customer loyalty. A tech-touch kickoff works best when you want to inspire your new customers to use and emotionally invest in your product or service, but it doesn’t need to be a live meeting.

This Play’s Objective:

This play is for any business that wants to support their new customers from day one by providing proactive knowledge and guidance with a tech-touch communication approach. You’ll create a transition plan to get your customers using your product or service quickly and successfully.

You’ll Walk Away with:

  • How to evaluate your current customer kickoff processes
  • A proactive approach to improving customer loyalty with a consistent content strategy
  • Email templates for your tech-touch communications 
  • Building on your customer welcome experience and mapping out the next stage of the post-sale engagement
  • Established repeatable processes to make your customer kickoffs seamless, from agenda-building to running the meeting itself