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Map Your New-Customer Journey

Effective customer onboarding is about understanding, anticipating, and designing for your customers’ needs.

First Impressions Matter

The customer onboarding journey—or the process in which your customers buy, learn about, and adopt your product or service—is critical to long-term customer success. And in order to guide customers along that journey, you need a detailed map.

What is a New Customer Journey?

Post-sale is the toughest and most crucial stage of new customer relationships. If you can get your customers through the five stages of onboarding (engagement through adoption) and help them experience value, they’ll develop bonds of trust and loyalty with your brand.

This Play’s Objective:

This play is for teams who want to establish trusted, lifelong relationships with their customers. By mapping the new customer post-sale journey, you’ll empower your teams to deliver value at every touchpoint to help customers succeed.

You’ll Walk Away with:

  • Understanding the five stages of the new customer journey and how to apply them to your business
  • Developing your own new customer journey map to help your teams deliver seamless post-sale experiences
  • How to understand, anticipate, and design for your customers’ needs