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Reporting On Post-Sale Metrics

Reporting is critical to ensure new customer onboardings, implementations, and installations stay on track and on budget. 

Understand the Impact of Your Post-Sale Processes

Post-sale teams need a way to track metrics, milestones, and KPIs to avoid fire drills and emergencies while keeping the project team, executive stakeholders, and customers in sync.

What Is Reporting on Post-Sale Metrics?

Customers aren’t known for their patience. If you miss deadlines or go over budget without keeping them informed, it could cost you their business. But you can’t keep them in the loop unless you’re tracking your progress. Standard project reporting processes and check-ins will ensure you keep your onboarding projects on track and your customers happy.

This Play’s Objective:

This play is designed to help you create standard reports to stay on top of project deadlines and deliverables and to understand the impact of your post-sale processes. Using reporting will also ensure your teams are aligned and no customers will slip through the cracks.

You’ll Walk Away With: 

  • Definitions and and standardizations of your onboarding metrics, milestones, and KPIs.
  • An established  meeting cadence for your project teams and executive stakeholders to keep everyone aligned and on the same page. 
  • A structor for keeping projects on task and on time.