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A Bird’s-Eye View of Project Health

An Essential Tool for Every Project Manager
Portfolio View is the place to see all your projects in a list-like format. You can sort them by standard or customized project filters, see high-level project metrics and insights, task group information, and surface various fields from the project as columns that can be added or removed. You even have the option to export a project or projects in various file formats for easy sharing.

Your Entire Project Portfolio at a Glance

Accessing Important Project Insights Has Never Been Easier
With Portfolio View, project managers can visualize a variety of data for multiple projects simultaneously, as well as define and sort by specific criteria. Use this view to track:
  • Overall progress of all projects in the portfolio
  • Projects by category, such as all in-flight projects, or projects for a specific department
  • Task group data of specified projects
  • Project metrics and summarized insights
TaskRay Resource Attributes

View, Sort, and Customize Your Entire Project Portfolio in Just a Few Clicks

Stay Organized
With health and insights for every project all in one place, you’ll know the status of every task under your command
Identify Needs & Set Priorities
Visualize crucial project data and metrics using project filters, allowing for quick action or course-correction whenever necessary
Customize to Fit Your Needs
Define custom project filters to easily sort and track by categories relevant to job function or other parameters, such as stalled projects or those nearing their due date
Share Updates with Project Stakeholders
Pass along important information to customers and other non-TaskRay users with a single click

Best For

  • Project Managers
  • Executives
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