Create Exceptional Post-Sale Customer Experiences

Our customer success, onboarding, and implementation experts have compiled all of their best, tried-and-true resources in our Post-Sale Playbook. Each play is a step-by-step, in-depth guide to implementing best practices for bridging the gap between sales and customer success. To get personalized recommendations for plays that are geared toward your business and post-sale maturity, take our free Post-Sale Performance Assessment.


Post-Sale Maturity Levels


You are unaware of post-sale approaches and processes.

  • Post-sale experience is not a known concept
  • No standard communication approaches


You have no formal processes in place.

  • Ad hoc
  • Few tools in place
  • Always playing catch up


You are ready to set goals and track metrics.

  • Some repeatable processes
  • Using established tools 
  • Considering team goals


You are aligned with your customers’ needs and have measurable goals.

  • Internal alignment
  • Formal post-sale processes
  • Monitoring metrics
  • Increase customer loyalty


You are ready to scale your post-sale experience for your growing business.

  • Results-oriented
  • Total internal alignment
  • Recurring revenue generation

Explore Each Play

See all of the Plays from the Playbook below. Use the filter to check out Plays from each maturity level. 

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  • novice
  • reactive
  • proactive
  • optimizing
  • scaling

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