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We recently rolled out a new product roadmap and “snack release” cycle, with a new release arriving approximately every eight weeks. With new features popping up more frequently, we want to help to keep our customers informed. This new quarterly blog series will give you a rundown of all product-related updates you need to know so that you can use TaskRay effectively.

In our recent Product Roadmap Update webinar hosted by the TaskRay Product Team, we detailed our new product roadmap and release format, highlighted how to access and influence it, and demonstrated the two new features highlighted below in action.

April Release


Build the right teams for projects easily and get more visibility into roles and responsibilities with our new Dynamic Team Builder. It allows you to use contextual knowledge about each resource to ensure you’re adding the best resources to every project team and easily swap out team members and reassign work as needed.

Explore Dynamic Team Builder support documentation to learn how to build and manage a project team and more. 


The Configuration Hub is a centralized place for managing TaskRay. Quickly and easily set up TaskRay without requiring a heavy technical lift or involvement from your system administrator with this feature, so you can spend less time configuring and more time on the essential responsibilities. This includes easily adjusting key aspects of the Dynamic Team builder mentioned above in one place.

Explore the Configuration Hub documentation and learn how to manage resources, roles, and more. 

Looking Ahead: What to Expect

Our next release is scheduled for July 11th in Sandbox and July 25th in Production and will include a brand new feature, Template Migration. It will provide the ability to move templates between Salesforce orgs seamlessly. This feature is perfect for customers with complex processes and strict change management/compliance guidelines to build new templates or make significant changes to existing templates in Sandbox without being required to recreate in Production.  Template Migration takes our fan-favorite feature to the next level and will reduce the burden on Admin and Template Managers, saving time and enabling more process improvements. 

This feature will be available for customers on Premium edition.

We hope you enjoy the new and enhanced features as they roll out. Be on the lookout in your inbox and on LinkedIn for details for our next product update webinar covering future releases in detail. Reach out to your CSM or contact our support team with questions. We’d love to hear your thoughts on future TaskRay features in TaskRay with this form