​The #1 Salesforce-Native Work Management Solution

Manage projects and resources, automate work, and collaborate with customers and across teams — all on Salesforce



Build templates, reports, and dashboards, and add automation to make it run smoothly.


Plan and prioritize workloads, assign tasks, and handle scheduling across teams.


Stay aligned across projects, teams, and customer accounts for a seamless experience.


See project performance and identify areas of opportunity with robust analytics tools.


Templates & Automation

Don’t reinvent the wheel for every new customer. Create Templates that provide a standardized framework that can be customized with the specifics. Use automation to streamline workflows such as the handoff between sales and post-sales teams. Reduce manual tasks, improve productivity, and create repeatable processes across teams, product lines, locations, and complex requirements.


Resource Management

Forecast resource allocation before the project starts for more informed staffing decisions. Access plans and manage the details in the way you want with multiple views such as Gantt charts or Kanban boards. Get the control you need to assign tasks, manage capacity, proactively make adjustments, and drive towards milestones.


Task Management

Take full control of your projects with centralized task management. TaskRay sets you up for success with clear visibility into project progress, tools for proactive planning, ways to identify and resolve roadblocks, and effective task delegation methods, keeping your projects moving towards their deadlines.


Team & Customer Collaboration

Ensure everyone is on the same page by engaging the right people at the right time, including your internal teams and external stakeholders, such as partners and clients. Keep internal teams aligned with project notes that provide context for now and in the future. Truly bring customers and partners into the mix with Public Dashboards and external task ownership.


Reporting & Dashboards

Always have the answers to questions about project status and outcomes with the ability to quickly surface insights into project health and team performance. Use our built-in analytics tools as well as standard and custom Salesforce reports and dashboards to bring together all of the information you need to monitor progress, compare projects against benchmarks, and identify areas for improvement now and in the future.

Want to see TaskRay in action?

Our Salesforce-native customer onboarding solution is easy to implement and user-friendly. Talk to a TaskRay expert and see how you can keep teams and customers connected and the work on track during the initial moments that matter the most.

Features That Make the Difference

TaskRay is purpose-built for post-sale processes and is full of the features you need to deliver consistent, meaningful results for your customers every time.

Template Builder

Build and manage project templates all in one place.

Public Dashboards

Give project and task visibility to external stakeholders.

Security & Access Controls

SOC2 compliant backed by Salesforce security practices.


Use Salesforce automation tools to grow and scale your business.

Time Tracking

Know how much time users are spending on activities.

External Ownership

Assign tasks to external stakeholders without a Salesforce Community


Stitch together portions of your templates for a fully customized post-sale experience.

Project Performance

Make sure you’re hitting your key metrics on time and in scope.

Resource Forecasting

Manage capacity across projects and forecast resources for future needs.

Custom Task Weighting

Tasks are not created equal. Control tasks weight against project completion.

Excited about future TaskRay capabilities?

Discover upcoming features on our horizon and have a say in what comes next!

Connect your favorite tools


Connect TaskRay with your existing apps to create uninterrupted workflows and end-to-end processes. If an app integrates with Salesforce, you can integrate it with TaskRay.

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