TaskRay Task Management

Task Management

TaskRay’s Salesforce-native task management capabilities give project managers a centralized place to manage all the moving parts of their projects with multiple customizable views, the ability to batch edit, test out the impacts of scheduling changes, and so much more.


Take full control of your projects with centralized task management.

Projects are multi-faceted—and often unpredictable—things and you need a tool that makes managing them easy. TaskRay gives you the power to do that in one convenient, user-friendly place.
Task and Project Management Features


Happier customers and employees make a better business.

TaskRay offers the project management tools that keep both clients and your company satisfied. Clear visibility into project progress, as well as proactive planning, are critical to individual project and overall business success. TaskRay makes it easy to identify and resolve roadblocks, delegate tasks to teams effectively, and keep your projects moving towards their deadlines.
Better project visibility drives transparency and accountability.

With many options for project views, get total visibility into where your projects stand, priority tasks, next steps, and who is doing what. This collective visibility into your projects keeps everyone accountable and on track.

Plan and manage projects proactively and effectively with robust work management features.

Many companies use different systems to track separate project components, wasting time and creating confusion. With TaskRay, manage all aspects of your project in one centralized location. Need to make changes on the fly? Quickly understand the impact those changes will have on the larger project.

TaskRay Makes it Easy to Track Your Projects Efficiently and Error-free

Streamline your project management by integrating several tools that assist in tracking tasks and hours worked, viewing project timetables, pausing and gathering crucial info about on-hold projects, editing timelines and gauging their impact before going live, and more. With these powers combined, you’ll make steady progress toward your deadlines and enjoy greater customer and employee satisfaction.

Multiple Project Views

Quickly access important project or task information in your preferred viewing format, like My Work view, Kanban view, Plan view, and more.

Advanced On-Hold

Remove a project from focused TaskRay views by hitting the pause button with the on-hold feature. Store useful historical context and get insights into project holds.
Advanced Scheduler Feature

Advanced Scheduler

Edit task timelines in bulk, create a rough draft of an updated project timeline to view how the changes affect the overall project before finalization, and more.

Other Great Features to Help You Supercharge Your Project Management

Time Tracking

Track actual hours worked on a project or task against estimated hours and gain insights through targeted reports to help measure time utilization.

Task Weighting

Assign different weights to tasks based on their importance or the effort required to make project completion progress information more accurate.


Create checklists on tasks to track specific details relevant to each task. You can also insert template checklists into tasks.

Excited about future TaskRay capabilities?

Discover upcoming features on our horizon and have a say in what comes next!

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Talk to a TaskRay expert and see how our Salesforce-native work management solution enables you to deliver on-time completion, and truly improve time to value, speed up revenue recognition, and deliver superior customer experiences.