Project  Collaboration

Improve project success with TaskRay’s Salesforce-native collaboration. Boost visibility and accountability on project statuses and task for a more seamless work management process across stakeholders, including management, cross-functional teams, vendors, and customers.

Increased Accountability

Proactive external collaboration drives accountability and customer satisfaction.

Take collaborating with partners and customers to the next level with TaskRay. Streamlined task consolidation, customized insights for stakeholders, and clear communication trails ensure exceptional customer experiences, fostering growth and lasting success.

Improved Experiences

Deliver more project context and visibility to your team and get results.

A successful project environment is a collaborative one. Ensuring your internal and external teams have complete visibility and access to information is critical in this process. Done right, expect improved task completion, effective troubleshooting, and outstanding customer experiences and business growth.
Deliver the perfect level of context to your external stakeholders and partners.
Provide more project information and create workflows for managing, assigning, and completing stakeholder tasks. Keep everyone in the loop on who is doing what and when to foster collaborative and efficient processes.
Increase project success through visibility to external stakeholders.
External stakeholders are vital to a project’s success but often aren’t licensed to use your Salesforce account. Features like Public Dashboards, support for Digital Experiences, and Email Notifications allow them to stay on top of where the project stands and important to-dos.
Motivate your team through increased ownership and accountability.
Create the visibility vital to creating stellar, repeatable customer experiences that lead to growth and increased revenue. Driving external ownership and accountability motivates your team through agency—more tasks get completed on schedule, and heightened visibility makes troubleshooting more effective.

Other Great Features

Public Dashboards

Allow customers or partners to easily view project details in multiple ways throughout the project lifecycle.

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External Ownership & Completion

A resource-maximizing middle-ground to Salesforce Communities allows similar collaboration capabilities with external partners.

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Customer Feedback Forms

Gather information from your customers and gain better awareness of their onboarding experience with customer feedback forms.

Digital Experiences

TaskRay can be used in a Salesforce Digital Experience Site so external users can access the application and participate in projects.

Email Notifications

Alert customers or partners via email with a list of to-dos. They can even mark a task complete with a single click.

In-App Notifications

Use default in-app notifications or create custom notifications to alert your team to critical events.


Communicate with your team members, share and access files, and track when specified fields are updated on TaskRay records.

Follow Activity

Choose to follow activity on specific projects or tasks or opt-in to auto-follow activity.

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