Project Templates
& Automation

TaskRay’s Salesforce-native project management speeds up project planning and setup process. Leverage templates and automation to streamline efficient handoffs and assign resources to projects based on skills.

Accelerate your customer onboarding time to value and eliminate manual workforce inefficiencies with TaskRay.

Customer Success

Deliver faster, more efficient, and more profitable projects

TaskRay allows you to stop wasting time with inefficient manual processes across all project management functions. Automate mundane tasks and streamline project planning process to free up your team’s energy to focus on delivering executional customer onboarding experiences.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your organization’s efficiency, start new client relationships on the right foot, reduce churn, and create a standardized work management framework, look no further.

Increased Value

Standardize and scale with TaskRay.

TaskRay is designed to help you create an efficient work management framework the easy way. Creating standardized processes allows you to have consistent experiences and deliver successful projects more quickly.
Proactively manage complexity across your organization.
Create repeatable processes to better manage details across teams, product lines, and customer segments.
Get it right the first time, every time.
Take the guesswork out of work management with templates and automation, allowing for a consistent and successful customer experience.
Reduce manual work, save time, and focus on what matters.
Templatized and automated processes reduce manual work, allowing teams to spend more time building strong customer relationships.

TaskRay Makes It Easy to Automate Your Project Workflows

Template Hub & Builder

Create or iterate from existing templates in order to streamline and standardize your repeatable processes.

Template Migration

Build and test templates in sandbox environments before moving them over to production.


Build custom projects by joining together multiple templates and task groups.

Other Great Features to Help You Supercharge Your Project Management

Template Versioning

Make changes to post-sale processes, track how the changes affect efficiency and experience, and prevent unintended modifications

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Project Cloning

Clone existing projects to create new projects while copying over all tasks, task groups, checklists, files, and other project information.

Task Weighting

Assign different weights to tasks based on their importance or the effort required to make project completion progress information more accurate.

Project Hierarchy

Organize your projects through any combination of layers, like projects, subprojects, task groups, tasks, and checklists.

Sales & Customer Success Handoffs

Ensure a seamless transition by distributing all key details from your sales team to your post-sale team with an out-of-the-box onboarding Kick-Off Flow.

Customer Onboarding Scores

Measure the success of onboarding projects using customer-configurable qualitative and quantitative factors.

Excited about future TaskRay capabilities?

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