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Consolidate Your Data Visualization Tools with TaskRay Views

With TaskRay, users can surface project data in multiple ways, allowing teams that might have selected different tools to live in one that supports multiple ways to work. Managers can visualize and share project plans in various views, such as Gantt charts, calendar view, Kanban, and project boards.

Kanban View:
A Kanban Board with Digital Flexibility

See What You Need To, Hide What You Don’t
Kanban view is one of many ways that TaskRay lets users visualize workflow. Kanban view is basically the digital version of a whiteboard with movable sticky notes that depict various stages of process.

TaskRay Resource Attributes
Plan view

Plan View:
An Interactive Gantt Chart for All Your Planning Needs

Get the Whole Picture of Your Whole Project
Plan view lets you visualize every project component in a Gantt-style timeline. You’ll be able to see project structure, task schedules, and easily build out dependencies among tasks. Use this view to compare project baselines against progress, build out new projects, add tasks to existing ones, and reorganize tasks or adjust dates with the ease of drag-and-drop functionality.

My Work View:
Your Personalized To-Do List

Automatically Sorted and Built, Just for You
Think of the My Work view like your personal assistant, organizing a to-do list customized to your unique workload—AND providing up-to-the-minute notifications about changes and updates to your projects.

TaskRay Resource Attributes
TaskRay Resource Attributes

Row View:
The Insight You Need to Get Projects Finished Faster

Row View Delivers Top-Notch Project Visibility
Row View lets you group tasks by standard and custom fields so you can reorganize a list of tasks based on specified criteria. Standard fields include Owner, Blocked, Start Date, End Date, Priority, Project, and Task Group. With drag-and-drop flexibility, users can move tasks between groupings, automatically populating them with the new grouping field value.

Data-Driven Resource Management that Gets Results

Eliminate Distractions

Cut through the workday noise and see your top priorities for the day, your current work week, and the weeks ahead

Built-In Automations

Streamline workflow through in-app notifications that keep you apprised of important updates.

Increase Efficiency

By knowing exactly what tasks need your attention, you’ll be able to identify your priorities and tackle them faster.

Best For

  • All TaskRay Users
  • Project Managers
  • Onboarding Leaders
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