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Creating strong customer relationships through efficiency.

We spoke to Jennifer Teager, Technology Platform Engagement & Support, at Prospera Financial Services. In her role, Jennifer works with Prospera’s partners—independent financial advisors—to develop and implement the technology tools required to manage their clients’ needs, from prospecting and onboarding to client support and offboarding. As Prospera’s technology evangelist, Jennifer dreams of developing the industry best practice for compliance and sees TaskRay as a vital part of it.

Prospera values servant leadership. This ethos—and the fact that financial services is one of the most heavily regulated businesses in the world—is what led them to use TaskRay to onboard their advisor partners and offer TaskRay as an onboarding project management / client success solution. 

TaskRay has phenomenal user guide materials. I also rely on their great marketing content—blog posts, webinars, customer stories, etc.—to help me create pitch materials for our advisor clients.
Jennifer Teager

Technology Platform Engagement & Support, Prospera Financial

While each advisor has their own processes, Prospera is determined to help them become more efficient and not waste time reinventing the wheel in terms of the technology solutions they use to run their business.


  1. To help advisors see the value of TaskRay, show before/after examples to drive home the cost of dropped balls in terms of their relationships with their clients.
  2. Get advisors to submit their onboarding process in writing before they start using TaskRay.
  3. Get TaskRay in front of the users—versus the advisors—to show them the benefits. Once they see it, they’ll want it.
  4. To cut down on support requests, put a tab in Salesforce Community with directions on how to use TaskRay.
  5. Target top producers to spread the word about TaskRay.


TaskRay enables Prospera’s financial advisors to focus on what matters most: their client relationships.


About Prospera Financial Services

Prospera, an independent broker dealer firm founded in 1982, partners with financial professionals by providing the products, services and support they need to successfully run, grow and protect their business. Today, Prospera serves 140 advisor partners.

Our financial advisors love the uniform experience TaskRay provides.

Why Prospera Loves TaskRay

After evaluating several other customer onboarding / project management solutions, Jennifer chose TaskRay because it provides their financial advisor partners with the ability to create repeatable action plans for their clients, ensuring no steps get missed and every “t” is crossed and every “i” dotted no matter how busy they get. 

Here are some of the reasons Prospera loves TaskRay:

“Set and forget”: TaskRay’s ability to create repeatable processes is invaluable in this heavily regulated industry with its multitude of wide-ranging tasks required to serve a client—from making sure contracts are signed to sending flowers when a spouse passes away.

Ease of implementation: Jennifer and her team typically spend less than eight hours per implementation. To ensure fast adoption, they ask their advisor partner to provide their current process and map it into a TaskRay project. Once this step is complete, they move onto training the end user(s).

Communities: TaskRay Communities was a key selling point for Prospera as, 1) the home office uses Communities to onboard their advisors, and 2) their advisors use TaskRay via Communities to save on licensing costs.    

Makes turnover easy: Because every step in the process is documented in a TaskRay project, training new hires is much less scary in terms of what might be missed.

Visibility: Many advisors are not tech savvy, but they love the reporting capabilities TaskRay provides. And TaskRay allows the home office to monitor complex processes at the advisor level.

Relevant features: Jennifer feels that Prospera is just scratching the surface in terms of what TaskRay can do.

Support: TaskRay’s support site significantly reduces the need for Jennifer and her team to provide end-user support.