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★ Available with Standard Premium

An External View into Your Project’s Lifecycle

Providing Greater Transparency for Happier Customers
The Public Dashboard grants easy read-only access to TaskRay project plans for anyone who doesn’t have a TaskRay license. When used in conjunction with the External Ownership & Completion feature, a user can also view their assigned tasks via an auto-generated dashboard link.

Share the Info You Want, and Nothing You Don’t

A Seamless Way to Engage Every Project Team Member
Project managers can customize what info they’d like to share with non-TaskRay users without the cost of additional licenses. Project details shared via the Public Dashboard can include:
  • A view of the overall project plan
  • Team and/or individual to-do lists
  • Some or all parent projects as well as some or all of their individual subprojects
  • A project snapshot via Project Insights
TaskRay Resource Attributes

Customize and Control Project Insights Shared with External Stakeholders

Greater Transparency

The Public Dashboard allows your customers to track project progress and stay on top of tasks assigned to them without the need for additional meetings or email check-ins.

Complete Control Over Shared Info
Easily mark tasks as internal only, control field-level security through permission sets or profiles of individual users, and easily remove access with a single click
Customizable for Brand Fluidity
Share and send updates, info, and more from TaskRay to your customers using your brand’s colors and logos for a seamless experience
Easily Identify Delays
Quickly spot and resolve bottlenecks or incomplete tasks on the customer side for smoother and faster project completion
Less Tools, More Value

The Public Dashboard reduces the number of disparate tools used by both external and internal teams, streamlining processes and creating a single source of truth

Best For

  • Project Managers
  • Customers
  • Executives
  • Internal Teams
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See What Our Customers are Saying!

Easy to use for project tracking

TaskRay is very user-friendly and makes tracking projects very clean and organized so you can share with your customers. It gives you an external link to share the project plan and it’s so easy to use!

Keeping everyone on the same page

We solved tracking our projects [with this feature]. The benefits are that we get to share an external link with all parties who are on the project plan so they can see what tasks and timeframes are involved. Perfect for implementations.

Great to share with clients

TaskRay has definitely helped our business process [by allowing us to] share public dashboard links with our clients.

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