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Us, too. That’s why we’re excited to announce TaskRay Open, our tech accelerator to help you navigate the new normal.

As you begin to think about reopening, it’s difficult to know where to start and how best to keep employees and customers safe. As with anything complicated, it’s best to start with a plan and we realized that’s where we could help. Our purpose-built technology accelerator, TaskRay Open, helps you start and stay on top of planning, execution, and auditing of your specific reopening—as well as closing—processes for all of your locations.

Why TaskRay? Well, we figured that as the experts on customer onboarding, we could easily find a way to use our tech to solve the problem of location onboarding (and offboarding) for businesses and communities of every size. And we could use our collective brain power to create customizable templates that map out the steps we’ll all have to take over the coming months—not just for reopening, but for the ongoing tasks related to physical distancing, increased sanitation measures, PPE requirements, health screening and COVID-19 testing and tracking. And because our mission is to build beautiful experiences for work, we could add tasks to the templates that ensure a focus on people—employees, vendors, and customers. So that’s what we did!

TaskRay Open is free to licensed TaskRay customers

TaskRay Open is free to licensed TaskRay Customers and of course to nonprofits. (As part of our commitment to Salesforce’s 1-1-1 model, TaskRay offers 10 free licenses to nonprofits. Please schedule a call with us to learn more.)

Ready to reopen? Here are some helpful resources:

To watch demo video and install TaskRay Open, visit

Sign up for our TaskRay Open overview webinar on Thursday, May 28th at 10am MST

Sign up for our TaskRay Open “how to install” webinar on Thursday, June 4th at 10am MST

Download our eBook, “10 Steps for Safely Reopening Your Workplace”

Schedule a call with us to talk about TaskRay can help you reopen your workplace.