The Leading Work Management Solution for Commercial Real Estate & Franchising

In an industry marked by tight timelines, complex task dependencies, and intricate vendor collaboration, TaskRay equips you with essential tools for efficient management of expansions and renovations.

Streamline coordination, optimize processes, and achieve successful, on-time projects with TaskRay—all within a Salesforce-native environment.

Ready-Made Project Templates
Start your projects with easy-to-follow frameworks and best industry practices to ensure consistent and scalable success.
Resource Management & Planning
Help your teams achieve more with fewer resources. TaskRay’s resource management tools make it easy to use your team’s skills effectively to maximize productivity.
Collaboration Made Simple
Enhance communication with stakeholders and keep everyone on the same page for successful project outcomes.
Insightful Performance Analytics
Get valuable data from project performance dashboards to guide your decisions and keep projects on track.
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Real Value Delivered

Commercial Real Estate & Franchising businesses using TaskRay experience on average:


Speed up new location launch timeframes


Improve speed to launch and
first dollar earned


Reduce per location launch
and go-live costs 


Enhance franchisee and
customer experience (CX)

Scaling Work Management Success

TaskRay is designed specifically to support corporate franchise and real estate expansion projects. Our work management solution is equipped with the features you need to oversee intricate projects, drive expansion, and streamline the path to success.

Manage Swift Expansion and Complex Coordination With TaskRay

TaskRay streamlines project management in the franchise
and commercial real estate expansion industries, simplifying the coordination of multi-unit renovations, optimizing cost-effective execution, and efficiently managing contractor dependencies. TaskRay provides standardized processes for maintaining franchise brand consistency across locations, even for contractors in diverse areas. Collaborate with vendors, contractors, and internal teams effortlessly to ensure successful, on-time projects.
Streamline Your Expansion
Efficiently collaborate across teams, vendors, and contractors—from planning to execution.
Launch New Locations With Ease
Assign tasks, track progress, and facilitate communication all within one convenient platform.
Simplify Store Location Consolidation
Take the hassle out of consolidating store locations with efficient project management. Select new sites, plan logistics, and ensure a smooth transition for valued customers.
Efficiently Manage Multi-Unit Renovation Projects
Execute a seamless and cost-effective renovation process across multiple units with TaskRay by assigning tasks, tracking progress, and managing dependencies.
Streamline New Commercial Construction
From initial planning to final execution, TaskRay’s project management tools enable precision and efficiency in every step of new construction.
Simplify Retail Expansion
Collaborate seamlessly with vendors, manage tasks effortlessly, and keep track of progress for successful project outcomes.

Find out how TaskRay simplifies complex coordination challenges for industry growth.

Watch: JLL uses Taskray to increase customer satisfaction

JLL employs TaskRay for their commercial real estate loan closures. TaskRay facilitates the management of intricate tasks, coordinating activities among internal and external stakeholders—from buyers to title firms and insurance agents.

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How to Avoid the 5 Biggest Mistakes of Project Management

There’s a set of common mistakes that can be found when it comes to project management, regardless of company type, age, and industry. Learn to identify and avoid those mistakes, using lessons learned and best practices from your peers.

Easy External Collaboration Drives Accountability and Customer Satisfaction

Effective collaboration is crucial in business relationships, as poor communication can lead to delayed timelines, decreased visibility, and project chaos. Streamline collaboration, boost communication, and drive customer loyalty with TaskRay’s tools.

Feature-rich and purpose-built for commercial real estate & franchising work management

Template Builder

Create standardized project templates for your company to jumpstart new projects and follow best practices.

External Collaboration

Share project and task updates with internal and external stakeholders to keep everyone informed with TaskRay’s public dashboards.

Comprehensive Security & Access Controls

TaskRay follows superior security practices with SOC 2 compliance backed by Salesforce security standards.

Resource Planning & Forecasting

Easily oversee your team’s workload across projects. Assign the right people with the right skills and plan for future resource needs.

Workflow Automations

Kick off projects faster and automate repetitive tasks and workflows to speed project delivery.

Time Tracking

Keep tabs on how much time users spend on tasks and check if projects are on schedule.

Project Performance Dashboards

See an overview of all your projects in manager performance dashboards. Analyze every aspect of delivery by diving deeper into specific project views.

Custom Task Weighting

Control the weight of tasks against project completion.

Bulk Assign Tasks

Reassign or distribute projects and tasks effortlessly as your plans change.

Excited about future TaskRay capabilities?

Check out upcoming features on our horizon and have a say in what comes next!

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