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All the Info You Need to Create Your Starting Line-up

Knowing Your Team Has Never Been Easier
Think of Resource Attributes as a comprehensive team roster—AKA, your MVP cheat sheet. This unique tool allows you to define and assign characteristics, like skills or specializations, to individual team members. Once set up, Attributes help project managers quickly distribute task assignments based on the areas of expertise needed to complete a project.

Your Entire Team at a Glance

Attributes Make Task Assignment Quick and Painless
Whether in sports or in business, you can’t build your best team without knowing your players. Resource Attributes enhance your Dynamic Team Builder experience, allowing you to define job strengths and other valuable information that will help streamline task assignment at the start of a project. Use Resource Attributes to:
  • Create and customize attribute types such as software proficiencies, licenses, certifications, soft skills, languages, and more
  • Assign attributes to Role types (as a placeholder) and/or to individual Resources
TaskRay Resource Attributes

Data-Driven Resource Management that Gets Results

Find the Right Person for the Job
Support best practices, faster time-to-revenue, and greater customer satisfaction
Hit Your Deadlines Again and Again
Getting your team to work faster (and the right one at that!) ensures successful, timely project completion and happy customers
Save Time, Money, and Your Sanity
Attributes make team-building easy and efficient, resulting in more time and mental bandwidth for higher priorities

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  • Project Managers
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