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Post-Sale Customer Onboarding and Implementation

Streamline software implementation and onboard new customers faster with TaskRay. Our platform ensures a seamless transition, enabling you to exceed customer expectations while keeping costs in check.

Human Resources (HR) Systems for Employee Onboarding

Onboard new team members faster than ever before. TaskRay’s customizable workflows and automation features simplify onboarding, allowing your employees to hit the ground running and ensuring HR processes stay on track.

Embedded Systems Implementations and Integrations

Simplify complex integrations and implementations with Salesforce-native workflows, time tracking, customer dashboards, and automations. TaskRay provides the framework needed to seamlessly embed hardware and software systems — all within Salesforce for complete visibility.

Real Value Delivered

SaaS providers using TaskRay experience on average:


Improve onboarding and implementation cycle times


Boost speed to revenue
realization and cash collection


Reduce per project
operating costs


Improve customer satisfaction
survey results (CSAT & NPS)

Accelerate complex onboarding projects

TaskRay is the ultimate solution for Salesforce-powered SaaS companies to ensure a successful onboarding process for every new customer. With our industry-leading Salesforce-Native Work Management solution, we accelerate complex onboarding projects, allowing you to deliver exceptional customer experiences at every step of the journey. Speed to value is paramount in the fast-paced world of high tech software implementation, and TaskRay empowers you to delight your customers from the moment an Opportunity is marked Closed Won.


Get the tools to deliver speed to value with TaskRay

The SaaS industry faces a unique set of challenges when it comes to onboarding customers swiftly. Keeping costs contained, adhering to implementation timelines, maintaining high customer satisfaction, and managing profit margins are all at stake if the process goes wrong. At TaskRay, we understand the importance of a smooth customer onboarding process. Our mission is to ensure your customer onboarding success every step of the way. With our innovative solutions and expert guidance, you can streamline your onboarding process, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction. 

  • Project Management Templates & Automation
  • Resource Management and Capacity Planning
  • Seamless Collaboration with Internal & External Stakeholders
  • Project Performance Analytics and Dashboards

Learn how TaskRay helps streamline processes and foster growth

Systemizing Implementation

Learn how MWS Technology uses TaskRay to manage its customer implementation process.

Single Source of Truth

UpKeep builds its entire onboarding and customer lifecycle process around TaskRay’s functionality to take advantage of using the Salesforce platform as its single source of truth.

Handle High Volume with Ease

Force Marketing uses TaskRay for real-time project management and reporting within Salesforce to transform automotive industry marketing.

Feature-rich and purpose-built for SaaS customer onboarding

Template Builder

Standardize company wide project templates to launch projects faster and maintain company wide best practices.

External Collaboration

Extend project and task visibility to both internal and external stakeholders via public dashboards.

Dynamic Security & Access Controls

TaskRay is SOC2 compliant backed by Salesforce security practices.

Resource Forecasting

Easily manage team capacity across projects, assign resources to projects based on their skills and forecast resources for future needs.


Automate mundane project tasks and workflows to speed up project launch and inflight project delivery.

Bulk Assign Work

Easily reassign or bulk assign projects and tasks as resourcing plans change.

Project Performance

Ensure you’re hitting your key metrics on time and in scope.

Custom Task Weighting

Tasks are not created equal. Control tasks weight against project completion.

Excited about future TaskRay capabilities?

Discover upcoming features on our horizon and have a say in what comes next!

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