Sam Swan

CEO, TaskRay

Sam started his career with Cooper Industries in the Operations Leadership Program. In the program he was a Manufacturing Engineer, Machine Shop Manager, and Transfer of Work Project Manager. He also contributed to Product Management and ultimately was hired by Smiths Group to be a Global Product Manager at Power Distribution Incorporated. At PDI, Sam worked closely with Engineering, Sales, Operations, and Finance to grow his product lines while managing quality issues and market dynamics.

While working as a Global Product Manager, Sam was asked to manage the west coast operations for PDI, which specialized in dry-type transformers and PDUs. Sam accepted the role and entered a struggling business in Santa Ana, CA. Here he implemented continuous improvement, empowered employees, and developed new manufacturing processes to grow the business and expand profit margins. Sam directly and indirectly managed the group of 175 people. Sam ultimately left PDI to pursue his dream of owning and operating a small business in some capacity.

Sam graduated from UCLA Anderson School of Business with an MBA in Finance and Clarkson University with distinction with a degree in Engineering and Management. Outside of work, Sam can be found with. his wife, Hilary, his daughter, Huxley, and his son, Summit. He enjoys skiing, rock climbing, and alpinism.