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Redefining Work Management for Financial Services & Insurance

Navigating the complexities of financial services & insurance compliance, regulatory standards, and customer service expectations can be challenging but project management doesn’t have to be. TaskRay makes it easy to onboard new clients, welcome new employees, or implement FinTech solutions.

Transform projects into efficient, scalable workflows for successful, on-time completion – all within the security of a Salesforce-native environment.

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Pre-Built Project Templates
Initiate your projects using ready-to-use frameworks and top-notch industry standards, guaranteeing uniform and expandable triumph.
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Efficient Resource Allocation & Planning
Enable your teams to accomplish greater feats with fewer resources. TaskRay’s resource management features facilitate the efficient utilization of your team’s talents to optimize productivity.
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Streamlined Collaboration
Improve interaction with stakeholders and ensure alignment among all parties for triumphant project results.
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Actionable Performance Insights
Access valuable insights from project performance dashboards to inform your decisions and maintain project progress.
Work Management for Financial Services

Real Value Delivered

With TaskRay, your financial services teams will experience remarkable enhancements:


Increase onboarding and implementation speed


Boost speed of revenue
realization and collection


Enhance workforce productivity
and operating cost reductions


Improve customer satisfaction
survey results

Work Management You Can Bank On

TaskRay is designed to meet the FSI industry’s work management needs and is packed with features needed to deliver consistent, meaningful results for your clients every time.

Navigate Complexities with Ease

We understand the challenges — the tightrope walk of compliance, the high expectations of service, and the sheer complexity of the tasks at hand. Our Salesforce-native solution empowers you to turn intricate projects into repeatable, scalable, and personable processes. Optimize efficiencies, accelerate project completion, and increase speed to revenue without sacrificing customer service.
Work Management for Financial Services
Enhance New Client Onboarding

Efficiently guide clients through the onboarding process with clear steps and automated workflows.

Implement Payment Processing and Transaction Services
Delivery onboarding processes that speed up time to first transaction for corporate teams.
Streamline New Employee Onboarding

Standardize the onboarding process for new hires, ensuring they are set up for success from day one.

Manage Mortgage Lending and Property Projects

Streamline processes related to mortgage lending and property management, ensuring a smooth customer experience.

Find out how TaskRay simplifies coordination challenges for industry growth.

Watch: JLL uses Taskray to increase customer satisfaction

JLL employs TaskRay for their commercial real estate loan closures. TaskRay facilitates the management of intricate tasks, coordinating activities among internal and external stakeholders—from buyers to title firms and insurance agents.

How to Measure Customer Onboarding Time To Value

How to Measure Customer Onboarding Time To Value

Time to Value is the duration it takes for customers to realize the worth of their investment in your product or service. Learn how enterprises can deliver on-time to value in the customer onboarding process.

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Prospera Financial Creates Strong Customer Relationships Through Efficiency

With TaskRay, financial advisors can create repeatable action plans for their clients, ensuring no steps get missed and every “t” is crossed and every “i” dotted no matter how busy they get.

Feature-rich and purpose-built for financial services & insurance work management

Template Builder

Create standardized project templates for your company to jumpstart new projects and follow best practices.


Share project and task updates with stakeholders to keep everyone informed with TaskRay’s public dashboards.

Comprehensive Security & Access Controls

TaskRay follows superior security practices with SOC 2 compliance backed by Salesforce security standards.

Resource Planning & Forecasting

Easily oversee your team’s workload across projects. Assign the right people with the right skills and plan for future resource needs.

Workflow Automations

Kick off projects faster and automate repetitive tasks and workflows to speed project delivery.

Time Tracking

Keep tabs on how much time users spend on tasks and check if projects are on schedule.

Project Performance Dashboards

See an overview of all your projects in manager performance dashboards. Analyze every aspect of delivery by diving deeper into specific project views.

Custom Task Weighting

Control the weight of tasks against project completion.

Bulk Assign Tasks

Reassign or distribute projects and tasks effortlessly as your plans change.

Excited about future TaskRay capabilities?

Check out upcoming features on our horizon and have a say in what comes next!

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