Project Management Built for Salesforce Users

Enhance efficiencies, optimize resources, and foster collaboration for successful on-time completion and faster revenue realization.

Why Manage Projects in Salesforce?

Data Security: As a 100% Salesforce-native app, TaskRay stores all of your data inside Salesforce, leveraging the platform’s security and compliance capabilities.

A Seamless Extension of Salesforce: Consolidate your tech stack, get more from your Salesforce investment, and create end-to-end project management workflows.

Enhanced Visibility: Centralize all of your work across teams so you can always have the answer for status updates, assignments, and how you’re tracking towards milestones.

Improved Efficiencies: Keep everything on track with a single source of truth to accelerate on-time completion and increase the number of projects your team can handle.

Maximized Resources: Balance workloads and put the right people with the right skills on the right project to ensure success and improve workforce productivity. 

Robust and Scalable Project Management Features

From software implementations to hardware installations, to people onboarding and training, and everything in between, TaskRay is designed to help you organize the chaos and manage uncertainty.

Customize Project Plans

Standardize project plans that match your level of complexity for consistent experiences across teams and products.

Manage Tasks & Project Details 

Handle task assignments and notifications, view work in multiple ways, see scheduling impacts, quickly make updates, and more.

Manage Project Resourcing

Visually manage team capacity, aligning resources with projects based on availability, skills, and expertise.

Enhance Collaboration

Collaborate with internal teams and external stakeholders in real-time to drive accountability and deliver results.

Monitor Project Performance

Get insights into project performance to proactively address issues and optimize processes.

Who Uses TaskRay for Project Management?

Project Managers

Oversee all aspects of your projects and resources to ensure timely task completion and process management.

Onboarding & Implementation

Effectively handle new projects to reduce false starts and set customers up for success from day one.


Optimize processes, centralize information, and integrate with existing systems to drive best practices, cross-functional collaboration, and end-to-end workflows.

HR & Training Leaders

Create standardized and consistent employee onboarding and internal training processes.

Revenue Operations

Easily understand and report on revenue forecasting and recognition with visibility into task status and milestones.

Sales & Account Management

Facilitate customer experience handoff processes and high-touch account engagement to ensure adoption, retention, and expansion opportunities.


Get full visibility into projects with actionable insights to truly understand resourcing, statuses, team performance, and impacts on revenue.

Featured Success Story

MCG Health improved their YOY project growth rate by 20% and customer satisfaction survey scores (CSAT) of 15% in their first year with TaskRay.

“TaskRay has proven to be a pivotal solution for MCG, enabling us to effectively scale our implementation program while simultaneously enhancing customer satisfaction throughout the customer journey”

Brian King

Senior Manager, Client Implementations

MCG Health

Loved by Our Customers

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