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Why Start from Scratch If You Don’t Have To?

Create New Projects Faster with the Stitcher
Build custom projects by joining together multiple templates and task groups. Template stitching saves time by allowing users to dynamically build projects based on the needs of their unique clients without having to start from the ground up every time. It’s a great way to quickly start a new project or add tasks or task groups to active projects, and can even be automated to build a new project whenever an opportunity is marked Closed Won.

What Can Stitcher Do for You?

A Tool for Error-Free Manual and Automated Project Building
The Stitcher tool can be utilized in a variety of ways, depending on your needs. The Stitcher allows you to search and select any of your template projects or task groups. These are cloned and inserted into your selected project. Use the Stitcher to:

  • Manually build a new project by combining multiple templates or multiple parts of templates
  • Insert a set of tasks into an existing live project, while copying all associated checklists, task files, and task dependencies (if enabled)
  • Automatically stitch a project template after an opportunity is marked Closed Won, based on certain criteria, to automate the flow

Save Time and Prevent Costly Mistakes with Stitcher

Drastically Reduce Errors
The Stitcher helps eliminate a common entry point for manual errors when building new project templates by cloning existing data
Automation Saves Time

Use Salesforce Flow to automate dynamic project creation with the Stitcher

Create Unique Yet Repeatable Processes
Use the Stitcher to easily modify base onboarding templates tailored to specific customers, or use Task Group Templates for hardware or system installations and stitch in the specific products or processes unique to a particular install

Best For

  • Onboarding Leaders
  • Project Managers
  • End Users

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