Sunny Harmon

VP of Customer Success, TaskRay

We’re all the heroes of our own story. That’s what Sunny keeps in mind every time she begins a new customer relationship. Her driving purpose is to understand the underlying emotions, motivations, and experiences that shape how people perceive and solve problems. Then, she can design a solution and deliver the right training and support to help them succeed.

Her biggest strength is her ability to understand how things work on a systems and human level. By exploring the existing relationships, technology, and processes in a company, she can create a vision for what’s possible beyond a team’s current capabilities. 

Before joining TaskRay, she honed her project management, consulting, and communications expertise working for DigitalGlobe and SendGrid. From traveling internationally for diverse projects like mapping the countryside in India to designing onboarding and customer success platforms for a global customer base, Sunny has developed her talent for deep empathy and engagement to help people reach their goals.

To Sunny, onboarding is the most critical period in a customer journey. She helps customers build onboarding programs that establish trust early through hands-on training, clear expectations, and clean handoffs to begin long-lasting, high-value customer relationships.