Support Plans FAQ

Does TaskRay Support provide any hands-on assistance for helping us build out or customize TaskRay?

While hands-on configurations are not included in any of the TaskRay Support Plans, our team of skilled technical experts will provide thorough guidance to make your team successful with such configurations. Our Standard and Standard Plus plans include assistance for standard customizations (such as those documented on our Support Site), and our Elite Support plan includes more advanced services.

If you want someone to handle your build-out and/or help maintain your advanced configurations and customizations, we suggest engaging a Salesforce consultant. Check out our list of trusted implementation partners or contact your Customer Success Manager for a recommendation. 

Do any of the TaskRay support plans include help with implementation?

Our support plans are designed to help you after you have implemented TaskRay. If you need help with implementation, please ask your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager for details.

Do any of the TaskRay support plans include Admin training?

While training is not included in any of the TaskRay Support plans, we do provide some options that will help you and your team learn all about TaskRay functionality. The majority of our resources are on our Support Site and we hold monthly webinars specifically geared towards Admins. Additionally, we offer Onboarding Plans and a Retainer of Hours that are thoughtfully designed to ensure that you are getting the most out of your TaskRay implementation. Reach out to your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager if you have any questions.

Who is eligible for Standard Plus and Elite Support?

All customers are eligible to purchase these support plans for an additional fee. The Elite Support Plan requires the customer to complete Onboarding (see our Onboarding Plans page for reference). While the Standard Plus Support Plan does not require completion of onboarding, it is encouraged. Reach out to your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager to get more details.

Do I buy it one time and have it for life?

Standard Plus and Elite Support are annual plans that are paid for at the same time as your TaskRay license(s) renewal.

 Can I cancel at any time?

If you decide that a paid TaskRay support plan isn’t for you, please let us know in advance of your next renewal date.

What if I don’t want it now but change my mind halfway through the year? 

Talk to your Customer Success Manager—they will help get you set up with Elite or Standard Plus support plan when it makes sense for you. If you upgrade mid-year this plan will be co-termed to your existing subscription dates and services will be prorated based on the remaining time.

What are the key differences between the different TaskRay support plans?

TaskRay offers three support plans: Standard, Standard Plus, and Elite. The Standard plan is provided for all customers and it includes access to the TaskRay support site, unlimited email support, and standard ticket response times. The Standard Plus plan includes everything in the Standard plan, as well as enhanced (shorter) ticket response times. Finally, the Elite plan will include everything in the Standard Plus plan, as well as some additional services, such as New Feature Review, building out a Mutual Action Plan, Proactive Case Monitoring, Advanced Configuration Support, a retainer of advanced support hours, and a designated Technical Account Manager. Along with your savvy Technical Account Manager, our technical solutions team is included by extension to tackle even the most complex requests with combined expertise.

What are the responsibilities of a designated Technical Account Manager?

The Elite Support Plan incorporates having a designated Technical Account Manager who works closely with the customer throughout their plan year. The designated Technical Account Manager is a member of the TaskRay Support team who oversees all of the customer’s tickets, is closely familiar with the customer’s unique implementation of the TaskRay application, as well as manages all the Elite Support plan services offered to the customer.

What is the Retainer of Hours that is included with the Elite Support plan and how is it used?

The retainer of Hours that is included with the Elite Support plan can be used to get assistance with advanced configurations, troubleshooting, in-depth feature review, as well as best practice recommendations for any particular use case. This is a bank of hours that can be used in any way that is impactful and necessary for the customer within the bounds of the program. The retainer of hours does not incorporate hands-on work by the TaskRay team in the customer orgs. 

Can the retainer of advanced support hours be purchased outside of the Elite Support Plan?

Yes! Check out our Onboarding Plans to review options and reach out to your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager for more details. 


Need help deciding if Standard Plus or Elite Support is right for you?

If you’re not sure if you need Standard Plus or Elite Support, we highly recommend speaking with your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager to explore how to maximize your investment with TaskRay. Not sure who your Customer Success Manager is? Send us an email at and we’ll let you know!