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In the realm of work management solutions, few have managed to stand out and deliver consistent value to businesses. TaskRay, the leading Salesforce-native work management solution, has been awarded the newest badges from G2, a central peer-to-peer software review platform. Recognition as a leader in Work Management, Project Management, and Task Management solidifies TaskRay’s position as the first choice for organizations seeking an effective work management solution on Salesforce. 

But don’t just take our word for it – hear it straight from our customers! These are the reasons why they love TaskRay:

Seamless Integration and Collaboration:
Built on the Salesforce platform, TaskRay brings seamless integration and collaboration to project management. Team members can communicate, share files, and update project statuses in real-time, fostering a culture of collaboration and maximizing productivity. TaskRay’s foundation on Salesforce connects to existing workflows and data, empowering teams to streamline their project management processes—all in Salesforce.

Customization & Scalability:
TaskRay offers extensive customization options to accommodate the unique needs of every Salesforce-powered business. Build project templates, automate processes, and tailor the platform to match your work management requirements and team’s working style. This flexibility empowers your team to work efficiently and effectively, aligning TaskRay with your organization’s needs.

End-to-End Project Visibility:
With a centralized dashboard, teams and stakeholders can easily track tasks, milestones, and deadlines, promoting collaboration and informed decision-making. TaskRay provides transparency, reducing communication gaps and enabling effective project oversight. Gain complete visibility into your projects with TaskRay for streamlined work management.

Robust Reporting and Analytics:
TaskRay goes beyond basic reporting and analytics by providing metrics that matter most to stakeholders. Generate custom reports, track key metrics, and identify trends to optimize processes and make data-driven decisions. Evaluate project success, identify bottlenecks, and refine strategies for better outcomes.

Top-Tier Customer Support:
TaskRay’s customer support actively incorporates user feedback and implements requested features, ensuring a satisfying customer experience. The team’s dedication to prompt responses and listening to customer needs sets them apart. With TaskRay, you’re not just getting support – you’re gaining a genuinely invested partner in your success.

Earning the newest badges from G2 underscores TaskRay’s commitment to delivering exceptional work management solutions. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, customizable workflows, end-to-end project visibility, advanced task management, seamless integration, and robust reporting, TaskRay emerges as the go-to solution for Salesforce-powered businesses seeking a streamlined work management tool.