TaskRay for Medical Device Implementation

Your ability to deliver value quickly and efficiently is critical to success for both you and your customers. This truth, combined with the stringent regulations and legal sign-offs required in your industry, means you’ve got your work cut out for you. In order for your business to grow and scale, it is imperative to leverage repeatable business processes while remaining nimble enough to adapt to internal procedural improvements and external curveballs.

Why TaskRay?

TaskRay, a 100% Salesforce-native installation management solution, provides the flexibility of a customizable solution with a templated approach to drive repeatable business processes. TaskRay enables you to provide seamless service to your customers and improve your installation processes along the way. 

Simplify & Speed Up Delivery

Set and communicate clear handoff points between teams; track and manage deliverables including timelines, task dependencies, and ownership; and share critical insights with your key stakeholders.


Manage complexity with repeatable processes that ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Unlock the ability to grow your business with confidence.

Engage YOUR Customers

Customize a Salesforce Community to share process and progress insights, keeping your customers in the loop in real time.

Integrate Information

Tie in data from other parts of your organization to create a single source of truth. For example, connect ERP software to access part numbers and work instructions all in one place.

“Effective planning is the key to success for any business but to an even greater degree in the medical device manufacturing industry.”


What would it mean for your organization to reduce delivery time by 50%?

Are there learnings hidden in your data that would help to inform critical business decisions that could make this happen? TaskRay allows you to harness the power of your Salesforce organization and manage your complex projects at scale, see the bigger picture, and grow your business.

Everything You Need to Deliver An Exceptional Post-Sales Experience


Connect TaskRay with your existing apps to create uninterrupted workflows and end-to-end processes. If an app integrates with Salesforce, you can integrate it with TaskRay.


TaskRay is built entirely on the Salesforce platform so you get all the features and benefits you already know and trust.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Case Study - Mevion

“If you’re shopping for a tool to set up a Scrum workflow in Salesforce, you’ll be impressed with what TaskRay can do.”

CURT KIENAST, VP, Global Service Software Dev Group & Global Service Team, Mevion

There’s A Reason We Have 250+ 5-Star Reviews

“TaskRay has been an absolute game-changer to our business. As we’ve grown and added new customers, it has allowed us to keep headcount steady, and better manage new customer onboarding and other internal projects. Reporting is a breeze with fields being right next to other SF account and opportunity fields. I highly recommend TaskRay if you are struggling with managing your onboarding or project timelines. We couldn’t operate without it!”


Turn Every Customer Into A Champion

TaskRay helps you build relationships and trust with your customers. The result? More referrals and long-term success for your business. If you’re ready to improve customer satisfaction, increase up-sells and cross-sells, and generate new business from referrals, let’s talk!