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summer releaseWe’re looking forward to summer weather in TaskRay Country and taking it easy in the Colorado sunshine. And our June 2019 Release includes new features and functionality that will help make onboarding easy, too.

So, sit back, drop an umbrella in your drink—here’s what you can expect in the June 2019 Release of TaskRay.

TaskRay Flow Templates

TaskRay’s new Flow Templates guide teams through the onboarding journey from closed/won to project creation to tracking critical customer information and beyond.

The Flow Templates include a Customer Onboarding Kickoff Flow that facilitates the creation of onboarding projects in TaskRay from Opportunity records. Users are guided through each step of project creation—from adding the right team members and tasks to noting desired outcomes for the customer—so every project starts on the right foot.

customer handoff screenshot

Using the same process, the Customer Onboarding Completion Flow helps gather valuable information about a customer’s desired outcomes, sentiment, and overall experience during the onboarding process. Along with a new configurable Customer Onboarding Score based on project satisfaction and on-time execution, the Flow helps enrich your organization’s understanding of customers in order to maximize their long-term success.

onboarding completion flow

Template Performance View

To the right of the My Work and All Work tabs, the Performance tab (formerly the Portfolio tab) now contains Portfolio View and a new view of TaskRay: Template Performance View.  

onboarding completion flow

Template Performance View helps users and especially executives and project managers analyze the performance of TaskRay templates being used for onboarding and other processes through a set of pre-defined criteria, including:

  • Projects created from templates
  • Template project duration
  • Template trends (including blocked tasks, overdue tasks and tasks completed ahead of schedule)

TaskRay Timer
The TaskRay Timer provides an accurate method of tracking time at the task level in a stopwatch manner. The timer will allow users to start, stop and edit time on a task or checklist item. When the timer is running on a task, the timer icon will display in green for easy tracking on which tasks have an active timer.

onboartaskray timer function

You can learn more about these new features in our Release Notes or by joining a webinar.


Saturday, June 1 – Available on AppExchange
Saturday, June 1 – Automatic upgrade to Sandboxes
Saturday, June 22 – Automatic upgrade to Production


Thursday, June 6 – 10am MST
Tuesday, June 25 – 2pm MST

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