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At TaskRay, we are thrilled to announce our inclusion on Built In’s 2024 list of Colorado’s “Best Places to Work.” Now in its sixth year, this prestigious accolade celebrates companies of all sizes, spanning startups to enterprises, recognizing excellence within major tech markets across the U.S.

Built In utilizes a sophisticated algorithm to determine the winners of the Best Places to Work program, analyzing company data on compensation and benefits. The program also considers criteria such as remote and flexible work opportunities, along with initiatives promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and other people-centric cultural offerings. Earning a coveted spot on this list is a testament to TaskRay’s commitment to fostering a company culture that propels our employees and customers toward success.

For millions of tech professionals nationwide, Built In serves as a vital resource, keeping them informed on industry news, tech trends, facilitating skill development, and accelerating career growth by connecting them with like-minded companies. In return, employers gain access to exceptional talent aligned with their unique mission.

TaskRay’s CEO Sam Swan sees the award as validation of the exceptional company culture cultivated by the entire team. Swan states, “I am immensely proud of the unique and supportive culture we’ve cultivated. At Taskray, we don’t just embrace innovation in technology; we champion a culture of care and support that transcends traditional workplace norms. Each person on our team plays a vital role in our success.”

Bridget Murphy, TaskRay’s Senior Manager of People Ops, adds, “I’m passionate about fostering a workplace environment where our employees not only thrive professionally but also experience a sense of genuine care and support. At TaskRay, our comprehensive benefits package is more than just perks; it’s an investment in the health, happiness, and financial stability of our employees. By prioritizing their needs, we create a workplace that not only attracts top talent but also cultivates a positive and inclusive atmosphere where everyone can contribute their best.” 

TaskRay, a work management solution native to Salesforce, empowers teams to deliver consistent, collaborative, and high-quality experiences for internal teams and customers. With TaskRay, mid-size to large enterprises can scale operations, enhance visibility and collaboration, reduce manual work, and boost customer satisfaction.

As a values-driven company, TaskRay places people first, offering competitive compensation, with 99% of medical, dental, and vision premiums covered by the company. Additional benefits include an employer HSA contribution, disability insurance, expanded EAP benefits, 401k matching, reimbursement stipends, flexible PTO, every other Friday off, paid sabbatical, and bonuses for vacations and anniversaries. TaskRay prioritizes supporting its employees’ health, minds, and personal lives.

Striving to cultivate a welcoming and inclusive culture at every level, TaskRay, as a remote-first employer, extends employment opportunities to potential candidates in Colorado and beyond. If you believe you would be a great fit for TaskRay, explore our job opportunities here.