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Last week, six members of the TaskRay team headed (even further) west to San Francisco for the seventh Pulse conference, hosted by Gainsight.

Pulse 2019 was the largest of the Pulse conference series to date, with over 5500 registrants taking over the U.S. tech industry’s favorite venue—Moscone.

Our team spent four days connecting with customer success professionals, taking in sessions, and enjoying the awesomeness that was Pulse! Did we mention there were puppies!? Yes, there were puppies.

Other highlights included a CS rockstar-packed opening keynote with Cisco EVP and Chief Customer Experience Officer, Maria Martinez, and 1920’s themed Gatsby-style gala, and a strong meme game.

We compiled our top four takeaways about what’s happening now and what’s the next big thing in the customer success and customer onboarding space.

Takeaway 1

Conversations at Pulse are focused and powerful. We spent a lot of hours at our booth talking with CS professionals from all over the world and they shared one trait—they love what they do and they are laser focused on improving their skills.

From TaskRay Account Executive, Jon Barlow:

Because the customer success industry is still relatively new, there is so much to learn. CS professionals are excited about where the industry is headed and its exciting to see the level of sophistication at which they’re already operating.

Takeaway 2

Customer success and product are the new power couple. Once existing as two siloed areas of an organization, Pulse 2019 made it clear that product and CS will be spending a whole lot more time together, and we think that’s a good thing.

This year, Pulse offered a product-specific learning track focused on user-centric product development.

TaskRay CEO and co-founder, Blakely Graham:

Your best product feedback comes from your customers and it is essential to pipe this to your product team. Pulse is helping to shape the future of how Product and CS work together.

Takeaway 3

Another theme our team noted was the idea of “human first leadership” and how it can be a differentiator throughout the customer lifecycle. Specifically, combining intelligent processes with the human touch of customer success can help teams scale onboarding and success programs without dramatically increasing headcount or budget.

TaskRay VP of Sales and Customer Success, Mike Davis:

The ability to marry product signals with human-led intervention during the onboarding and customer success journey will be critical to long-term success and growth without needing to grow staff at the same rate.

Takeaway 4

Get outside your office walls, listen, and connect. It may be simple, but we stand behind it! Each time we’re able to attend a new conference, we learn so much from connecting with others in our industry and in new industries as well.

Our VP of Product and Marketing, Jamie Cole took the stage at Pulse for a session all about the handoffs from sales to customer onboarding to customer success and her takeaway sums it up:

The questions that arise during sessions at Pulse (and other conferences) are indicative of the wider themes emerging in CS — and we need to pay attention! These are the future leaders of the CS profession and we can learn a ton from them.

To sum up, we’ll be back for Pulse 2020 and likely the year after. Why? Because CS is an emerging practice that aligns with a lot of what we’re doing at TaskRay. And plus, they love to have fun! That’s win-win in our book.