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Save Time and Standardize Processes
Within Template Hub, you’ll find Template Builder, where you can create or iterate from existing templates in order to streamline and standardize your repeatable processes. Create hierarchies, assign team members and resources, schedule milestones and tasks, and make edits to existing templates—all in one place.

A Tool Designed for Everyone

No matter your need, operating from a standardized framework is essential to completing projects on time and on budget.

You can manually clone or stitch existing projects together to save time, and easily update or edit with the peace of mind provided by trackable changes and template versioning. Onboarding managers can analyze project performance and modify the template in real time based on project performance metrics and trends.

Organize and manage your projects through any combination of layers:

  • Projects
  • Sub-projects
  • Task Groups
  • Tasks
  • Checklists

Less Time, Less Money, More Value

Creates Efficient, Standardized Processes

Onboarding with the same framework improves speed-to-value and reduces inefficiencies, saving time, money, and other resources.
Greater Transparency for Stakeholders

Transparency allows for easy and informed management of operational processes and needs within projects.
See Real-Time Improvements

Create new versions from existing templates, test those changes risk-free, compare project performance against target KPIs, and save money by improving timelines in real time. 

Best For

  • Onboarding Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Executive Team

See What Our Customers are Saying!

Great for streamlining business processes

TaskRay has been great for our company. Before, we spent our time in meetings with clients and internal stakeholders to figure out where we were in projects based on data that was manually inputted every day in sheets. Now we can create templates, clone, and simply add time to projects with the ability to pull Salesforce reports and share public dashboard links with our clients. TaskRay has definitely helped our business process.

TaskRay enables us to scale

TaskRay [has] allowed our company to generate a scalable custom experience for our customers. The onboarding flows, best practices, and templates have become an essential part of how we think about customer success!

Taskray keeps me on track

We started using TaskRay about a year ago. Since that time, we have been able to track our projects across all our customers and ensure on-time implementations. The use of templates and dependencies has also helped us plan scenarios for large projects.

We’re more efficient than ever!

TaskRay brings efficiencies and time savings for my team by being able to utilize the tasks template function and offer all key stakeholders visibility into project status within the tool instead of having to chase via email.

The Template tool is amazing

The thing I like best [about TaskRay] is the project templates. Once I created a good template, I was able to very quickly create new projects and tailor them.

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