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The Key to Worry-Free Improvements


Make Real-Time Improvements with a Historical Backup
Template Versioning allows users to efficiently improve upon existing and active templates while maintaining insight into past versions. See how changes to a template impact project performance over time and without worry; simply revert back to an earlier iteration if necessary. Version control ensures that past versions can’t be modified, so there’s no threat of accidental overrides. It’s also a great way to set benchmarks from successful projects.

What Can Template Versioning Do for You?

Performance Tracking is as Easy as 1, 2, 3
How does anyone meet their goals or beat their own record? By reviewing what did—and didn’t—work. Template Versioning provides a historical record to set benchmarks from successful projects, as well as lays out how changes to a template impacted a project’s performance over time. Versioning helps your business hit its personal best by allowing you to:

  • Compare template performance over a period of time or between updates and improvements
  • Rest assured that the latest active version of a template is the one being cloned through addressable IDs that remain constant though all versions of a template
  • Compare template performance over a period of time or between updates and improvements

Maximize, Optimize, and Streamline with Template Versioning

Make Changes, Not Mistakes
Make updates to active templates without worrying about overriding the wrong things; simply revert to an earlier iteration if new changes aren’t getting you the results you want
Let History Repeat Itself
Easily review the impact of modifications to project templates and use that data to set benchmarks for best practices from historically successful projects
Streamline In-House Onboarding
Use the template record to onboard new project managers to ensure that standardized processes and methodology are used across all projects
Faster Delivery = Faster $$$
Make changes to existing processes in real time to better reflect project needs so you can hit your deadlines, make your customers happy, and get paid

Best For

  • Onboarding Leaders
  • Project Managers
  • Data Analysts

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Great Flexibility and Enhances Reporting

TaskRay is an extremely useful tool, and most recently, they added template versioning. [This allows] you to build a recurring project with tasks once and reuse them for each cycle by creating a new project from the template. Those templates allow updates as needed on new versions while keeping the history. Works in both Lightning and Classic; reporting on the projects is enhanced by each task’s rich information.

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