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Does your onboarding or implementation process feel bogged down by way too much time and labor spent manually repeating steps for every new sale? Are you seeing that customer experiences are inconsistent? If your answer is yes, then TaskRay can help. You’re likely looking for ways to improve your organization’s efficiency, start new client relationships on the right foot, reduce churn, and create a standardized framework for every new customer. Because without it, you’re reinventing the wheel with Every. Single. New. Customer. And when you’re wasting time with inefficient manual processes, there isn’t enough energy left to focus on growing customer relationships.

TaskRay is designed to help you create an efficient standardized onboarding framework the easy way. Whether you’re a Starter, Standard, or Premium user, you can take advantage of our Templates and Automation features that you can customize to create repeatable processes across teams, product lines, locations, and complex requirements. With the option to automate the cloning process, every time a deal is marked Closed Won, Salesforce-native TaskRay will generate a designated onboarding template automatically. Meaning zero time wasted developing your own integration. 

Templates are the backbone of TaskRay and they make managing many projects simultaneously so much simpler. Template Hub acts as your homebase where you’ll build and manage all your templates, create a project structure, designate a team, schedule tasks, and create task dependencies. Once these templates are configured, you can activate them and make them available across your organization, allowing other TaskRay users to clone and create projects in a few simple steps using Stitcher. Stitcher is a tool unique to TaskRay that helps you build a project template by combining multiple existing templates, parts of templates, and/or task groups. While this is a great tool for initial project setup, it’s also useful for projects already in progress, like when you need to insert a set of tasks into a live project. 

Another unique way that TaskRay supports your complex processes is through customized project hierarchy and task groups. We believe all projects benefit from customization, regardless of size and scope, and so we made sure that you can organize and manage your projects through any combination of layers (Projects, Subprojects, Task Groups, Tasks, and Checklists).

Onboarding Kick-Off Flow combines forces with Template Hub to make it easier for your organization to not only tailor your onboarding process to specific needs but to provide added flexibility. You can make edits and save versions of different templates so that you’re only making small changes and improvements rather than needing to start from scratch every time. 

Onboarding Kick-Off Flow distributes all the necessary details from your sales team to everyone on the post-sale side; gone are the days of disseminating important details through a frustrating game of internal telephone. Standardization—especially for complex processes, multiple teams, and/or multiple product lines—is what creates consistent, positive customer experiences. Your customers will love not having to constantly repeat their needs to every new team, driving higher adoption rates and brand loyalty.

By using a Salesforce-native tool to automate manual processes, you’re also creating a more seamless experience both inside and outside of your organization. They dramatically improve efficiency by drastically reducing manual work that not only maximizes resources but also creates repeatable processes that make for efficient, well-run, and consistent customer experiences. When both employees and customers are happy, you’ll save money by reducing churn, realize boosted revenue through positive referrals and brand perception, and earn lifelong, loyal customers by getting them what they want that much faster. 

At TaskRay, helping you transform your onboarding processes, improve efficiencies, and deliver consistent customer experiences is what we’re all about. Learn more about how our Salesforce-native app makes that easier than ever—or see who else has transformed their biz with TaskRay. 

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