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Though our results speak for themselves, here at TaskRay, so do our customers. TaskRay is designed to help you and your team be more productive, efficient, and collaborative. Don’t just take our word for it! Hear for yourself what our users say about why their teams love our customer onboarding solutions.

1. Plan and execute onboarding projects more smoothly and efficiently.

TaskRay is Salesforce native, which provides teams with a single source of truth for all their data. Some TaskRay users like to say, “If it’s not in TaskRay, it doesn’t exist!” And with TaskRay’s multiple views, users can select which interface fits the best with the work at hand. Users can view their individually-assigned work in MyWork, entire project timelines in Gantt-like Plan View or overall project performance in Portfolio View. Efficiency and teamwork have never been easier to achieve.

“TaskRay has a WONDERFUL user interface. Setting up projects is fast and easy. The interface is modern and fun to use.” —Adrian D., Whetstone Inc.

2. We help you build an onboarding relationship, not just a process.

With TaskRay, companies streamline their customers’ journeys with simple, efficient, and relationship-focused guidance. From prospect to repeat customer status, Taskray drastically improves your customer onboarding process by fostering accountability, transparency, and collaboration.

“It is really refreshing to work with a company that understands the meaning of a true partnership. Trust is the foundation of customer and partner relationships, and TaskRay is one of the few software vendors that I’ve worked with that places such importance on that value.” —Matt G., Conversive

3. TaskRay makes customization intuitive and easy.

Taskray optimizes UX with helpful visuals that place all of the information you need on one screen. You can have multiple projects running simultaneously and use filters to visually track tasks and project status. Users can create templates, customize their view with drag and drop features, and create a layout unique to them.

“TaskRay has saved our nonprofit so much time! We are able to organize our work in a whole new way, making us so much more productive. Thank you TaskRay!!”—Shannon C.

4. Enjoy seamless handoffs, with all of your information available on one shared platform.

We create systems to ensure your customers receive a consistently excellent onboarding experience that is visible to management. In addition to tracking task status and project performance, Taskray facilitates transitions between teams—from sales to customer onboarding to customer success teams. Say goodbye to incomplete handoffs and hello to smooth handoffs.

 “Amazing application with lots of great built-in functions and best of all, it’s all within Salesforce. It’s simple, easy to use and was incredibly easy to customize the application to fit our business requirements and processes.”—Ahmed N., Tier1CRM

Ready to be one of our many happy customers? Reach out to learn more about our customer onboarding solutions.