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It’s no big secret that sustainable growth in your business requires operational efficiency—and that’s especially true when it comes to customer onboarding. Managing a successful onboarding project requires tracking multiple components, such as project status, resources, delivery details, and internal and external communications. Organization is key, but unfortunately, companies often use different platforms or systems to track these separate components, which wastes time and creates an unsustainable, chaotic work environment. 

If context switching has you feeling like your head is on a swivel, you find you’re always asking yourself who is working on what, are concerned if certain projects need more resources, or are in the dark about workload and over- or under-utilized employees, you’ve come to the right place. 

TaskRay is a flexible solution that helps you streamline and optimize your customer onboarding process, which can lead to increased revenue and a better customer experience. By offering multiple ways to view projects and tasks, you and your teams can easily access important information in your preferred format:

  • My Work provides a personalized workspace that shows assigned tasks and checklists along with any notifications.
  • Kanban allows you to manage projects and tasks just like sticky notes on a whiteboard and can be easily moved through status columns.
  • Row lets you group tasks by standard and custom files and drag and drop to organize tasks into groupings such as priority level or status. 
  • Plan provides a Gantt chart for projects and tasks, allowing you to create dependencies, schedule/reschedule with drag and drop, and view overall progress with percentage status bars. 
  • Calendar provides an overall picture of task distribution by month or can show tasks in chronological order.
  • Spreadsheet offers a familiar interface ideal for bulk updates or sorting through TaskRay data. 

TaskRay also provides a facelift for other essential duties within the Project and Task Management features. For example, Task Weighting for Standard and Premium users gives you the option of standard weighting (all tasks weighted equally) or time-based weighting—an essential feature for those in industries where time tracking is integral, like SaaS and Professional Services. For Premium users, you have the added functionality of further customizing task weighting by any criteria deemed meaningful to a project. 

Two other valuable tools for Premium users include the Advanced Scheduler and On-Hold features. We all know that despite our best efforts, project delays and deadline changes can happen. These features help minimize the impact of those changes as much as possible. The Advanced Scheduler allows users to make bulk scheduling adjustments. In Plan view, you’re also able to preview the impact of shifting task start and end dates on the overall project before actual changes are made. On-Hold works like a pause button, removing a project from focused TaskRay views. It automatically generates a record that can store notes about why the project was paused as well as give insights into how long projects have been on hold. 

We’re also busy enhancing our current resource management capabilities that let you use real-time data to accurately predict resource utilization, inform resource assignment decisions, and set resource targets and work schedules. Stay tuned!

Centralized project and resource management does a lot for your business. It enhances visibility by creating a single source of truth, making it easy to assign, track, and balance workloads—key in reducing employee burnout. You maximize your resources by limiting time wasted tracking project status, resources, and team performance across disparate systems. It builds on the efficiency of templatized and automated onboarding processes that reduce manual work, allowing teams to better focus on execution and building strong customer relationships from day one, leading to better customer retention and more opportunities for renewals, upsells, and cross-sells. When you have a system in place that ensures nothing falls through the cracks, projects are completed sooner and both your business’s and your customers’ ROI is realized that much faster.  

At TaskRay, helping you transform your onboarding processes, improve efficiencies, and deliver consistent customer experiences is what we’re all about. Learn more about how our Salesforce-native app makes that easier than ever—or see who else has transformed their biz with TaskRay. 

Next up: Learn how TaskRay’s unique collaboration features drive accountability both inside and outside of your organization.