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Reviews are now part of our everyday life. We read them before making a purchase on kitchen gadgets, wireless headphones and speakers, and beauty products. It makes sense to have a neutral, unbiased perspective to learn more about use cases, features, and overall, how the product performs.

We are proud of the in-depth review Salesforce Ben wrote on TaskRay’s customer onboarding and project management solution. Salesforce Ben is the leading site for the Salesforce professional, for news, product reviews, and industry trends that happen in the Salesforce ecosystem.

For this review, Christine Marshall, Salesforce Evangelist, covers TaskRay:

  • Features
  • Use cases
  • Setup 
  • Impact on your business
  • Customer support

Her takeaway?

“With their comprehensive project management and customer onboarding features, TaskRay is a step ahead of the competition. They tick all the boxes, being a native application and having fantastic customer support.” 

Check out the full review and schedule a call with one of our experts to explore how TaskRay can help your projects become more organized, repeatable, and scalable.