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Change is hard and let’s face it, we sometimes need to get buy-in to the big picture to adopt a new process. Here are our top tips for fostering adoption.

Unified understanding of the process using TaskRay:

  • Discuss how users and the organization benefit from using TaskRay, for example:  
    • Using templates will give users/customers a voice through Template Performance View  as it will highlight if there are unrealistic expectations for project timelines.
    • Understanding of user workload
  • What does it mean to the organization as a whole to have the information provided?  
    • Process helps the company make more informed decisions which is good for everyone involved.
  • Get support from users, process owners, but also executives for the new process.  
    • Start early and involve stakeholders from the get go
    • Get executives excited with reports and data- more on this in our next newsletter!

Start a user focus group:

  • Identify champions and ask them to work with users who are struggling with the new technology.  
  • Get user input on the project creation so you can incorporate what helps them with their day to day activities.
  • Review TaskRay feature releases.  Determine as a team what new TaskRay features are going to be most useful and how you can see implementing them.  Use your CSM or our Support team to get help. 
  • Identify areas for improvement.  Is there a pain point- ask your TaskRay CSM for ideas on how to improve the process. Got an idea for a new feature- let us know via our Ideas Forum!

Offer user incentives or make adoption a competition

  • Set aside a budget for incentivizing everyone to adopt the new process. Perhaps reward the employee with the most tasks updated —this can be a simple report using TaskRay Task object by the user with a filter around the modified date.
  • Make it a competition and recognize their contributions and efforts in adopting the new process.

Try these tips and get your team on board!