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Are you suffering from special snowflake syndrome?

When you treat every new customer as a “special snowflake,” you end up in trouble—fast. All that new revenue that sales and marketing teams worked so hard to acquire gets eaten up by endless hours of handling customers with special care. You face eroding margins, frustrated customers, frustrated employees, and increased churn.

That high-touch treatment that got you here won’t get your company to the next level. It’s time to scale customer-facing approaches.

Join customer onboarding expert Donna Weber to learn how to scale your customer-facing teams during the crucial onboarding stage.

This valuable session enables you to:

  • Describe the internal and external costs of handling customers with special care
  • Explain why onboarding it’s the most important part of the customer journey
  • Identify the trough of disillusionment and how to avoid it
  • Stop treating every customer as a special snowflake
  • Explore how to start scaling customer-facing teams now