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celebrating customer successClosing out the last year was a big celebration at TaskRay—and we couldn’t be more excited about the year to come!

2018 was an exceptional year for our team and we achieved far and above what we set out to do. We grew our team, had two new feature releases, celebrated our annual Founders’ Day, attended Dreamforce (among many other events!), met with dozens of customers, and are wrapping up our year with a long list of goals for 2019.

So what are we most excited about??

Helping users surface their work quickly and easily

One of our favorite things about TaskRay is the variety of ways you can filter and sort your projects to find the work you need to do today. We’re excited to focus on improving the overall customer experience to help users surface their daily tasks even faster.

Expanding Executive Insights

No matter how many projects you complete, if you don’t have good metrics and insights, your work just isn’t as valuable (tough to hear, but it’s the truth!). So in 2019, we’re diving deep into providing the absolute best insights and reporting functionality for all of our users.

It’s exciting to think about what our customers can do with all that visibility into workflow, project progress, and customer success!

Supporting customer success at every step

We’ve been drinking the customer success kool-aid for years and we couldn’t be more excited to see the movement truly taking flight. After two exciting attendances at Pulse conferences this year (and two brand new eBooks), we feel renewed in our efforts to focus on customer success at the ultimate goal.

To this end, we’re building some new customer success and support tools that we can’t wait to tell you all about in early 2019!

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