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When you have a paid onboarding program, you’re communicating to your customers that you understand exactly what they need to be successful with your product or service and that you have a valuable, tried-and-true approach they can trust and the resources to support and deliver the onboarding.

Another reason to have a paid onboarding program? Customers like options. Some people like white-glove and others enjoy self-serve. If you are providing white-glove onboarding, your customers will actually value it more if they have to pay for it.

Highly engaged customers buy 90% more frequently, spend 60% more per transaction, and have three times the annual value compared to other customers. — PUBLICIS SAPIENT

During this webinar, TaskRay CFO Andrew Walker walk you through the financial case for paid onboarding, and VP of Customer Success Sunny Harmon talks about the ins and outs of setting up a successful program right-sized for your business.

You’ll learn how to:

— Refine and expand your onboarding program into easy-to-understand service tiers
— Design, validate, and test your value propositions to effectively market your paid onboarding program
— Proactively address internal and external pushback to your paid onboarding program
— Decide how and when to up-sell customers into a paid onboarding tier

You’ll come away from this discussion with an understanding of how a paid onboarding program can empower your team to build customer relationships that last.

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If you’re ready for a customer onboarding solution on Salesforce that will help your company deliver a killer customer experience from day one, TaskRay may be the perfect fit. To learn more, check out one of our other webinars or send us an email.