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Implementing and maintaining new solutions can be a daunting task, especially for teams with limited technical knowledge or overwhelmed Admins. You want to be sure that everything is set up correctly and efficiently from the beginning so your team can get up and running quickly on the new tool. As part of our commitment to improving the user experience,  we set out to make it easier to set up TaskRay, configure resources, and define roles with Configuration Hub, a new feature released in April 2023. 

Configuration Hub is the place to handle all of your resource management settings.  This new feature not only reduces the administrative burden on busy teams but also accelerates time to value and enhances user adoption by speeding up the configuration process.

Set up resources and assign roles

Configuration Hub’s user interface is designed to streamline the setup and configuration of resources and roles. Within the Configuration Hub, users can easily manage resources by viewing all resources in the organization. The interface displays the assigned role for each resource, along with the creation date. A search field and bulk edit are available to accommodate organizations with a large number of resources, allowing users to edit, filter, and find specific individuals quickly.

The Roles page and Business Schedules & Holidays page allow users to oversee organizational roles and schedules. Users can effortlessly create and modify project teams, assign resources to roles, define resource availability, and establish skills and attributes for roles and resources. Additionally, users can efficiently manage resources in bulk, making it a versatile tool for streamlined organizational planning and resource allocation.


When a user is assigned work in TaskRay, the system automatically generates a corresponding resource if it still needs to be created. This default rule drives the auto-creation process, ensuring that resources are seamlessly established. However, users also have the option to proactively set up resources in advance. We weren’t kidding about doing what we can to simplify the setup process! 

But wait! There’s more coming… 

Setting up resources and assigning roles in Configuration Hub is just the starting point. We have big plans for additional capabilities in the works that you will see in future releases, so stay tuned! Whether you’re a technical novice or a busy admin, Configuration Hub will empower you to swiftly configure TaskRay, enabling your team to maximize productivity and achieve project success.

If you haven’t already checked out Configuration Hub, check out this support article so you can take the first step and set up your roles and resources. Then, use Dynamic Team Builder to streamline setup for project teams. 

 Still have questions? We’re here to help! Contact your CSM or email for further assistance.