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When it comes to managing projects, one of the most critical aspects is building the right team. However, identifying the right individuals and understanding their roles and responsibilities within a company can sometimes be a challenge. Fortunately, there is Dynamic Team Builder, a new feature included in our April 2023 release for Standard and Premium Editions. Dynamic Team Builder allows users to effortlessly build out project teams and assign or reassign work.


Put the right people together, every time

Gone are the days of uncertainty about who to add to a project or the lack of familiarity with everyone’s roles. One of the key benefits of Dynamic Team Builder is that it provides contextual knowledge about each resource. By having access to information about the skills, expertise, and job functions of team members, you can make informed decisions when building project teams. This ensures that the right people are matched with the right projects, increasing the chances of success and driving productivity.

Dynamic Team Builder also offers intuitive search functionality. Search for specific resources based on their names or utilize role-driven search to find the ideal individuals based on the roles they need to fulfill, which streamlines the team-building process and saves valuable time.


Easily update team and task assignments

Another noteworthy advantage of Dynamic Team Builder is its flexibility. Easily swap out team members and reassign work when necessary. You can choose to reassign work to a specific team member while keeping them on the project team or remove someone from the team entirely.

Improve visibility across the team

Dynamic Team Builder brings more visibility into projects and teams by providing a centralized place to see roles, resources, and tasks for a project. Information about the role each team member serves on a project provides clarity and enhances collaboration. You’re also able to see who has access to a particular project and modify the access level as needed. This transparency ensures that all stakeholders are accounted for and can contribute effectively to the project’s success.

All in all, Dynamic Team Builder will save time and ensure you have the right people on the team in order to get your projects off to a great start and ensure successful completion.  We hope you’re just as excited about this new feature as we are!  Check out this support article and get started with building your next project team. Be sure to use another new feature, Configuration Hub, to quickly set up your team Resources and Roles. 

 Still have questions? We’re here to help! Contact your CSM or email for further assistance.