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We love it when our customers share their stories about how they are using TaskRay, especially when it highlights creative ways to apply it to their business, and in this case, how their customers use it.

Our most recent customer story shows two interesting use cases as they use TaskRay as an internal tool to onboard partners but also offer it to their partners to use with their customers. 

Prospera, an independent broker-dealer firm, serves over 140 financial professionals by providing the products, services, and support they need to successfully run, grow and protect their business. They use TaskRay to onboard their advisor partners and offer TaskRay to their partners as an onboarding project management/client success solution. 

We recently spoke to Jennifer Teager, Technology Platform Engagement & Support at Prospera Financial Services, to learn more about how they deployed TaskRay and how it is going. In her role, Jennifer works with Prospera’s partners—independent financial advisors—to develop and implement the technology tools required to manage their clients’ needs, from prospecting and onboarding to client support and offboarding. 

Some of her favorite TaskRay features and business outcomes they’ve seen?

  • Repeatable and documented processes = consistent customer experiences
  • Easy to implement = saves time
  • Reporting and visibility = real-time knowledge

And of course, the TaskRay team who onboarded and support Prospera.

Check out the full case study of how TaskRay helps not only Prospera but also their partners, to build relationships that last.