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The newest TaskRay release introduces Template Versioning to all editions. We’re constantly improving the post-sales work management experience, and template versioning allows for quick iteration of a template to see results over time. 

It’s only natural for TaskRay to use TaskRay to deliver a five-star onboarding experience to our customers. So it’s no surprise that, internally, we go through the same setup steps as our customers. Let’s help you get started with Template Versioning.

We started with the template versioning setup guide to transform our templates and gain Addressable IDs. We’ll reference these new Addressable IDs later so we can iterate quickly to new versions without having to update our automations each time we create a new template version. Pro Tip: We highly recommend capturing the Addressable IDs instead of Record IDs from the Project Clone Flow Actions. It’ll make your workflow much faster!

Awesome, we’re on our way to fully setting up template versioning! After transforming templates, we need to find Process Builder or Flow automations to update using those Addressable IDs. This might be tough since you may not have built all the Flows in your Org or remember where you have used the TaskRay Project Clone Action.

With the use of Salesforce Developer Console. We can easily use native Salesforce tools and queries to find where TaskRay Project Clone Action might be used and quickly update our automation to use Addressable IDs. 

Let’s open Developer Console
Next in the query section – check “Use Tooling API” (Important or this won’t work)

First, we need to query for all automation (Flow & PB) that references TaskRay Project Clone Actions.

SELECT MetadataComponentName, MetadataComponentType, RefMetadataComponentName, RefMetadataComponentType, RefMetadataComponentNamespace
FROM MetadataComponentDependency
WHERE MetadataComponentType = ‘Flow’ AND RefMetadataComponentType = ‘ApexClass’ AND RefMetadataComponentNamespace = ‘TASKRAY’

After running the query, we’ll get a list of Process Builders and Flows that use the TaskRay Actions. We’re looking for RefMetadataComponentName “trCloneProject” and “trCloneProject_async”

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to update Flows and Process Builders automation.

If you have questions about the newest TaskRay release, please watch our Office Hours webinar where we show you our best practices and answer common questions.