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In any business relationship, smooth and easy collaboration is vital. Without it, timelines lag, visibility worsens, team members struggle to understand their responsibilities, and when it comes to communication, there are a lot of crossed wires. Poor communication causes projects to feel out of control and overwhelming, making it much more difficult to identify problems and solve them efficiently. Without the supporting framework for easy collaboration, you’re at an increased risk of low product adoption, higher churn, and strained relationships—AKA a lot of stuff that’s bad for your bottom line.

If you’re looking for an easier way to collaborate with your partners and/or customers, the Standard and Premium editions of TaskRay have the tools to help you do just that. We’ve got the features to help you consolidate tasks from across multiple platforms, provide the perfect level of insight to external stakeholders, and create audit trails for every bit of communication on a project. And we’re not just talking about external collaboration; we’re made to support your in-house efforts too, with centralized project notes and clear insight on task and project assignments and statuses. After all, visibility is as key to employee satisfaction as it is to your customers.

For external stakeholders, TaskRay gives them easy access to information like project status and milestone updates, as well as customized workflows that help them be directly involved in important post-sale processes. Although we’re a Salesforce-native product, we understand that certain features, like Salesforce Communities, can be a big investment. Because of this, we created the External Ownership & Completion feature that provides a resource-maximizing middle-ground if you need similar collaboration capabilities but aren’t ready for—or simply don’t need—everything Communities provides. 

What’s so great about this feature is that it allows you to easily involve customers or other third-party partners by assigning tasks and alerting them via email. These emails provide them with a full list of their to-dos and allow them to mark a task complete with a single click. Even better—communication around specific tasks is easy to track as they provide space for the assigned to communicate directly with the internal project owner. We’ve even made it easy to add your own branding so these emails look like they’re coming from you and not TaskRay—a smooth and seamless integration for your post-sale efforts. 

Another great feature we’ve introduced is the Public Dashboards feature. While you’re not required to use both External Ownership & Completion and Public Dashboards, they do complement each other nicely. Public Dashboards provides more context for customers and/or partners throughout the project lifecycle, allowing them to easily view project details in multiple ways, such as overall project plan, team or individual to-do lists, or just a project snapshot through Project Insights. And, just like External Ownership & Completion, Project Dashboards can be customized with your own branding. 

These features help create the visibility vital to creating stellar—and repeatable—customer experiences that lead to growth and increased revenue. By driving external ownership and accountability, you’re motivating everyone involved through agency—meaning more tasks get completed on schedule and heightened visibility makes troubleshooting that much more effective. An easy post-sale process earns the customer loyalty and referrals that ensure your business thrives for years to come.

At TaskRay, helping you transform your onboarding processes, improve efficiencies, and deliver consistent customer experiences is what we’re all about. Learn more about how our Salesforce-native app makes that easier than ever—or see who else has transformed their biz with TaskRay. 

Next up: How external collaboration combines powers with centralized project management and customized templates and automated workflows to help you build a better business—quantifiable by TaskRay’s analytics and reporting tools.