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No matter what TaskRay subscription level you use, you can be confident that you have access to powerful features to take managing your complex processes to the next level. However, as you begin to scale and your project methodology matures, you will likely experience more complex process requirements needing more insight for decision-making and more flexibility in managing your projects.

This is where TaskRay Premium Edition comes in. 

Curious about whether Premium Edition is the right choice for you? We find that it tends to offer the most significant advantages for those with well-established and complex processes such as managing multiple product lines, adhering to industry regulations, and high collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.  You need more control and visibility over tasks and resources, especially if there are factors outside of your control that can significantly impact projects. And, you probably have a sizable team and need to expertly balance and manage the workload for everyone.

If any of this sounds familiar, Premium Edition will give you advanced project management tools, resource management, and advanced progress controls to effectively wrangle your complex projects and make data-driven decisions.

Keep reading to learn more about the features exclusive to Premium Edition.

Resource Attributes

A new feature in our October 2023 Release, Resource Attributes allows you to attach fully customizable attributes to roles and resources, greatly enhancing the Configuration Hub and Dynamic Team Builder. This feature provides access to essential resource data to provide the context required to quickly and effectively build the right teams for your projects every single time. 

TaskRay Resource Attributes

See how Resource Attributes helps ensure project success here.


Template Migration

Template Migration was a new feature introduced in our July 2023 Release. It solves challenges associated with data migration in Salesforce by allowing users to move Templates between orgs, such as between sandbox and production. This feature is handy for companies with strict change management policies requiring process changes to be built and tested in Sandbox. Template Migration saves time for busy Admins, empowers other end users, and enables continuous process improvements.


Check out this blog to learn more about Template Migration.

Advanced Scheduler

Advanced Scheduler saves project managers time by allowing them to edit task timelines in bulk, save dependencies and durations and create a rough draft of an updated project timeline and how that can affect the overall project. Quickly visualize your changes before finalizing your changes and move dates across your entire project in a matter of minutes.

Learn more about Advanced Scheduler here.

Resource Management

TaskRay’s Resource Management capabilities facilitate efficient resource allocation, reduce burnout, and enhance customer experience while providing valuable insights for resource planning and decision-making insights.

Resource Planner helps identify available resources and reassign tasks, while the Forecast Utilization view offers a forward-looking perspective on resource needs and potential bottlenecks. 


Advanced On-Hold

The Advanced On-Hold feature provides enhanced functionality and insights on project pauses and resumes. Premium users can track the duration of project holds, the number of times projects have been put on hold, and the individuals responsible for initiating and resuming the hold. This data enables users to understand project delays, address challenges, and have informed conversations about resolving issues.

Learn more about Advanced On Hold and how it’s even better when paired with Advanced Scheduler here.

OTP/Ongoing Task Progress

The Ongoing Task Progress feature provides a more accurate reflection of project progress, helping project managers stay on top of task completion, make timely adjustments, and mitigate delays. Users can track task completion and task rate in real-time, allowing them to identify delays and make informed decisions earlier in the project lifecycle. 

Custom Task Weighting and Tab Configuration

Custom Task Weighting allows organizations to assign different weights to tasks based on their importance or the effort required—because not all tasks are created equal. By customizing task weights, project completion progress becomes more accurate.

Tab Configuration enables users to customize the TaskRay interface to their unique needs by hiding or rearranging tabs, allowing for more customization of the tools and features used in your organization.

Learn more about the benefits of custom Task Weighting here.

For a comprehensive tour, view an on-demand webinar that dives into each feature in greater detail, and if you’re ready to level-up to the TaskRay Premium edition, contact your CSM today.