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The secret to successfully completing complex projects is building the strongest team possible with the right skill set. As the sports saying goes, “Your team is only as good as your bench.” However, developing a deep understanding of every person’s skills and expertise and pulling the right people together is a challenge. It is laborious and time-consuming for small organizations and virtually impossible for large ones, where the vast resource pool is spread out.

Use context to build a strong bench 

It all comes down to context. That’s why we introduced Resource Attributes, which allow you to leverage resource data to isolate the granular differentiators for each project role and individual to build the strongest team that possesses the unique skills required to tackle the project ahead. Resource Attributes are fully customizable, so you can create attributes important to your organization—like skills, areas of expertise, licenses, certifications, regions, languages, and more—to paint a more colorful, complete picture of the talent attached to the record. 

Enhance your resource management workflow

Quickly create, organize, and edit your Resource Attributes in Configuration Hub with just a few clicks. When building your project teams in the Dynamic Team Builder, combine Resource Attributes with Roles to ensure you have the right level, skills, and expertise for each position, streamlining your project’s success because you’ll have confidence that you have the strongest team possible from the start. 

Enjoy the many benefits of Resource Attributes

There are endless ways to utilize the most important attributes to you and your organization’s unique needs. For example, an international organization might require team members to speak the same language as a customer. Perhaps part of a project takes place on-site, and it is necessary to find a technician or project manager who lives within the region or is certified to work in that specific location. Your company may have multiple product offerings, and only select employees can handle certain technical or complex implementation aspects. 

​​Improve time to value and customer satisfaction

Pulling in the right expertise of project team members who understand the complexities of a project ensures a smoother customer experience. Projects are completed on time, resulting in a quicker time to value and improved customer satisfaction.

Leverage data to fully maximize your resources

Having visibility into all attributes of employees not only allows you to identify granular differentiators and pull in the exactly right expertise or skills for the job, but it also helps identify gaps for training and hiring needs. Plus, ensuring team members are assigned to projects that match their skill sets increases employee performance and satisfaction. It’s a win all around!

Save time and increase efficiency

Setting up Resource Attributes is simple with an intuitive UI – anyone can do it! Tapping into this robust contextual knowledge allows assigning or reassigning teams to be a quick and easy process. There is no need to spend hours determining the right team for a complex project when there are more important things to focus on.

Resource Attributes is a new Premium Edition feature in our October 2023 Release – available in Sandbox environments on October 17, and Production environments on October 31. 

Still have questions? We’re here to help! Contact your CSM or email for further assistance.